Tomas Baxter has always found his home in music. After only two years of being involved in the collegiate a cappella circuit, Tomas has come to the forefront of the scene. In that time, Tomas has led his collegiate group, License to Trill, to a national stage, won First Place at Sing! Texas 2017, and competed at NACC 2018’s Collegiate Invitational. He has arranged charts for numerous groups from all around the Midwest and had arrangements performed on ICHSA, ICCA, ICA, and NACC stages around the country. He is also the co-founder and arranger for From the Roots, a 7-piece semi-professional vocal band based around the US.

In the final years of his Bachelor's in Music at Texas Christian University, he started his career in music production. From mixing his arrangement demos in his dorm to producing and mixing for collegiate groups and British artists, he has combined his love for music with his academic background and found his passion for audio engineering. His mixes have been enjoyed at the ICCA Semifinals, across multiple continents, and even played on BBC Radio's Music Introducing: New Artists where critic Melita Dennett praised the production as "fresh" and "heartfelt."

This led to the formation of BXTR Productions, Tomas' do-it-all music production company. His goal with BXTR Productions is to offer the highest quality work with a fresh, elevated creativity and extreme attention to detail. As BXTR Productions continues to grow, he hopes to have a brick and mortar studio of his own to spend his days doing what he loves: creating meaningful and impactful art for every client that crosses his doorframe.

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